Way to the Center East

Forests & Legends

The Center of Portugal has a very humid habitat. Green landscapes surround every road. Cities like Tomar and Coimbra still celebrate ancient legends and traditions, while the endless rivers and tributaries give birth to river beaches with cristal clear water. The highest mountain in continental Portugal, Serra da Estrela, can reach negative degrees, meaning snow sports in the winter.

In any of the 4 seasons, you can’t skip this magical region in the interior of Portugal.

Templars Heritage

Portugal’s roots and the Templars History come hand in hand. Start your trip in a castle that seems like a scene from a movie – Castelo de Almourol. Surrounded by water, the iconic castle is the only building in a tiny island where it stands. Continue to Tomar, an official Templar’s city, and visit the Convento de Cristo, where the Order of Christ, former Order of the Templars, set its headquarters when arriving to Portugal. A mystical journey that goes to the roots of our country.


An oldschool student city, founded in 1290, which still maintains alive the same spirit from other times. The still used black capes, served as inspiration for Hogwarts school uniform. Apart from the academic lifestyle, you will find a city famous for its importance in history, like the romance between D. Pedro I and D.Inês de Castro.

A real time travelling experience to other centuries.

Alva River & Schist villages

The Alva River is a Mondego River tributary that is born in Serra de Estrela and is home to several river beaches like Avô, Ponte das 3 Entradas or Pomares and ancient villages like Piodão, Aldeia das Dez or Benfeita, built with the local stone – Schist.

These interior villages remained alive for centuries and many still live of ancient costumes.

Serra da Estrela

In any season, Serra da Estrela is the perfect place for some peaceful days in pure contact with nature. With a total height of 1993 meters, the highest point in Portugal is a must see if you are in the region.

In the summer you can visit the 25 lagoons’ route or go hiking through around 378km of market trails. In the winter Serra da Estrela is the only place in Portugal where you can practice winter sports like sky or snowboard.

A true encounter with raw nature that you can’t miss.

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