It’s normal to have questions, so here is a list of the most frequently asked.

Yes. The deposit is equivalent to 30% of the reservationand is required for the reservation to be confirmed and the truck to be allocated to the desired location. At the time of check-in. The remaining 70% of the reserve amount will be paid with credit card or cash.

Recently we added some gateway partners to allow direct online transfer. We also accept payments by bank transfer, credit card and money. However, a credit card at check-in with sufficient funding to ensure the security deposit will always be required

Any adult over 21 years old and have a valid driving license for more than two years.

Each reservation includes a driver.

You can expand the number of drivers, through the subscription of the desired Protection options.

Yes, the minimum rental is 2 days. However there are specific times where the minimum rental is 5 days. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us.

The easiest and fastest way is online by accessing Book Now . This way you can simulate all the details in terms of dates and extras for hire. You can also contact us by email, chat, whatsapp or direct line over phone.

All campers have the necessary equipment to its normal use.
However, we provide a diverse set of extras that can be rented in order to make your experience more suited to your needs. You can consult the available material by accessing Extras.

Yes you can drive outside of Portugal with the Premium Insurance option.

You can pick up and return the campervan from 9:00 t0 19:00 with no extra costs.
Our Head Office  is located in the Lisbon center, 15 minutes from the Lisbon Airport. You can however pick and drop the van at different places, with extra costs.

Go to Book Now to view the different costs that apply to your needs.

First, contact with the services of Campers on Way, informing them of the occurrence. Subsequently, the procedures in Terms and Conditions will be applied.

For convenience and information, each vehicle has a driver’s manual, with this and other explanations of the car and measures to take.

European valid driving license or International;
Payment amount missing, if applicable;
Credit card with sufficient credit limit subscribed for security;
valid ID (passport / DC).

Upon lifting the motorhome the deposit will be full and so will be in the act of returning. The external and internal condition of the motor home must meet exactly the same as registered in the rental contract on the day of the survey. If any damage, either in the vehicle or in the extra material, they will be quantified and their value shot down the amount as a security deposit to be returned to the customer.

The vehicle must be returned to the interior, toilet and extra material properly clean and tidy. Also the deposit of waste water must meet emptied. Failure to housekeeping and hygiene standards will result in the application of a cleaning fee of € 120.00. If the toilet is not clean, buying a chemical toilet will be charged (€ 65.00).

Every user is responsible for where they park the campervan during their booking. Make sure there are no signs of forbidden parking before choosing a place to stay. To be safe, choose a Campsite to stay, the costs are generally very accessible.

You should immediately contact our support team and pass on this information.

Remember, from the moment you register a delay, you’ll be to conditioning the next rental. You’ll have access to more detailed information on Terms and Conditions.

You should notify as soon as possible the Campers on Way, yet 30% of paid signal will be non-refundable.


It will always be required to pay a security deposit. The price depends on the type of Protection.

This amount is intended to cover costs that may arise from damages caused during the rental period. The value of the collateral is booked on a credit card of VISA or MasterCard network and is canceled within 10 days of the return of the motorhome, according to the described in the Terms and Conditions.

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