Way to the South East

South East

Portugal’s largest region will surprise you with its beauty. In Alentejo you travel naturally through History always with extraordinary landscapes. Do not miss our suggestions so you can enjoy your trip the most.


Évora has a historic center, surrounded by many walls, a valuable cultural heritage that UNESCO has classified as World Heritage. It is a city that sits on two millenniums of history. Evora acquired great importance after its conquest by the Romans, as evidenced by the vestiges still visible today, such as the ruins of a graceful temple, several sections of wall and the door called Dona Isabel, as well as the ruins of the city’s thermal baths.


Estremoz can be divided into two parts that mark its evolution: the medieval set of houses next to the castle and, outside the walls, the modern village. This place has a rich cultural heritage, in which stands out the castle with its medieval walls and the old citadel where the Rainha Santa Isabel Inn is currently located.


This quiet town is known for the defensive role it has played throughout history.In a strategic geographical position, near the border with Spain, it was built within walls, in a complex defensive system. The walled city, together with the Fort of Sta Luzia and the Fort of Grace, forms a line of defense that was extremely important during the War of the Restoration that u can still see.In 2012, Elvas Fort Square was classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO.


It’s one of the largest man-made lakes in Europe, built on the Guadiana River. It has a reservoir of 250 km2 and covers five counties of Alentejo, with many points of interest, such as the castles of Juromenha and Alandroal and the of Mourão and Moura. A place with great conditions for outdoor activities and for water sports. You cannot miss the new Aldeia da Luz, the only village submerged by the waters of the dam that had to be literally changed to another place. Also, the Monsaraz is unavoidable, a medieval village-museum preserved.

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