1.1 -. The vehicle rental contract driverless signed between AMGI CAMPERS Ltd, legal person No. 514 681 012, hereinafter referred as LESSOR and the Customer identified in the Schedule, hereinafter referred to as TENANT, is governed by General Conditions, and by the Special Conditions prior to and forming an integral part of the rental agreement.

1.2. – Any changes or exceptions made to these general conditions must be in writing and signed by both parties.

1.3. – The vehicle rental contract driverless signed between the LESSOR and TENANT only covers the movement on national territory without prejudice to cover travel abroad with the express authorization of the LESSOR and according to the scale in force.



2.1. – The TENANT to ensure VEHICLE reserve identified in the Schedule, you must make payment of the amount corresponding to 30% of the total rental, which is subject to the cancellation fees described in paragraph 2. 8 ..

2.2. – A reservation must be in writing.

2.3. – confirmation of the booking will be made by the LESSOR after verification of proper collection of the value indicated in paragraph 2.1 (30% of total rent).

2.4. – To ensure the delivery of the CAR, the LESSEE must pay the remainder of the total rent (remaining 70% of the total rental price) on the day of the agreed rental and stated in the Specific Conditions.

2.5. – Failure to comply with the payment referred to in the previous paragraph will be considered by the LESSOR as a cancellation of booking, subject to cancellation fees described in paragraph 2. 8.

2.6. – If the TENANT want to make a change to the reservation should contact immediately with the LESSOR being, however, there are subject to availability at that time.

2.7. – Any change to the reserve must be approved by the LESSOR and formalized by the same route described in paragraph 2.2, otherwise result in the cancellation of the reservation, being subject to the cancellation fees described in paragraph 2. 8.

2.8. – For all intents and purposes, the cancellation of the reservation by the TENANT is subject to the following cancellation fees:

2.8.1. – Cancellation up to 60 days before the start of the agreed rental period: will be returned to the TENANT the amount paid as a reserve.

2.8.2. – Cancellation between 60 and 45 days before the start of the agreed rental period: will only be returned to the TENANT the amount corresponding to 50% of the amount paid as a reserve.

2.8.3. – Cancellation between 45 and 7 days before the start of the agreed rental period: will not be returned to the TENANT any amount paid as a reserve.

2.8.4. – Cancellation up to 7 days before the start of the agreed rental period: will not be returned to the TENANT any amount paid as a reserve, and, moreover, because the amount of the agreed rental.



3.1 – Only the TENANT and additional drivers for this identified in the Schedule prior may lead the CAR and shall for this purpose provide, upon delivery of the VEHICLE, documents of personal identification documents and driving title.

3.2 – The TENANT and additional drivers will have to have at least 21 years of age at the time of signing the rental agreement and have a valid driving license for the class B (cars).

3.3 – The provisions in the preceding paragraph with respect to valid driving license also applies to licenses issued by EU countries, as well as those issued by the Federal Republic of Brazil, Republic of Cape Verde, the Republic of Angola, the Principality of Andorra, the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe and the Republic of Mozambique.

3.4 – If the TENANT and additional drivers are not resident in EU countries or in the countries referred to in the preceding paragraph shall, in addition to meeting the requirement of minimum age specified in paragraph 3. 2, have international driving license.

3.5 – If there are no requirements described in the preceding paragraphs, the LESSOR reserves the right not to deliver the CAR and to apply the cancellation fees described in paragraph 2.8.4.



4.1- – The rented vehicle is delivered, together with the respective documents by LESSOR to LESSEE at the premises of the first, the time and date of the signing of the driverless vehicle rental contract.

4.2. – The TENANT claims to have received the vehicle in good working order, clean, equipped with all accessories and five tires in good condition, showing no apparent defects.

4.3. – Any existing damage to the vehicle are properly identified in the “CAR” field of the Schedule prior.

4.4. – The TENANT agrees to maintain the CAR in good condition and clean and must return it to the LESSOR the conditions in which it was delivered and the date for the term of the lease, with all documents, equipment and accessories relating the same.

4.5. – Upon delivery the TENANT must submit the CAR as received (cf. point 4.2.), In particular, clean inside (no garbage, sand, mud and other waste; waste water tanks and toilets properly empty and clean) and on the outside.

4.6. – If the TENANT does not comply with the previous point, the LESSOR will charge a cleaning fee in the amount of € 120.00 (one hundred and twenty euros), according to the scale in force.

4.7. – Responsibility for loss or damage to accessories, equipment or spare parts of CAR, will be charged to the TENANT, which will have to compensate the damage as verified scale in force.

4.8. – The TENANT is responsible for any loss or damage to the CAR, including theft, if this is not delivered to an employee of the LESSOR.

4.9. – The TENANT agrees to return the vehicle at the end of the rental period or the date of the resolution of the motor vehicle contract hire without driver at the premises of LESSOR and within office hours, unless stated otherwise agreement.

4.10. – If the TENANT wishes to return the VEHICLE elsewhere than at the previous point is responsible for the costs incurred by the rental company.

4:11. – If the CAR is defective contrary to its prudent and normal use, the LESSEE shall indemnify LESSOR for the cost of repair.

4:12 – The delay in the return of CAR is the TENANT the obligation to pay the LESSOR, as a penalty clause for each day of delay (integer or fraction) a calculated value based on three times the daily rate charged by the LESSOR for the VEHICLE contract object.

4:13 – It is because of automatic termination of the contract without the need for legal action, the use of CAR to order different from that which is intended, subject to the right of the LESSOR from collecting the VEHICLE, so be aware of the situation, without prior notice, and the respective charges of sole responsibility of the TENANT.

4.14. – If you can not delivery the CAR at the beginning of the agreed rental period, for reasons not attributable to the LESSOR, ie by one of the following situations: i) delay in delivery by the previous tenant; ii) accident; iii) theft; iv) failure; or v) any other situation that makes it not possible to deliver the previously reserved vehicle, the LESSOR shall return to the TENANT, the rental price for this paid, not being due any amount as compensation, beyond that refund.

4.15. – For the delivery and / or return of the vehicle outside the CORK installations, or your office hours (2nd Fair 6th Fair from 9 am to 17h) is due to the value indicated as scale in force.



5.1. – The TENANT can not make any changes in VEHICLE or modified, nor shall install accessories, place advertising or commercial endorsements

5.3.2. – Use of the vehicle in sports or training events, whether official or not;

5.3.3. – Transport of goods, in violation of the law in force legislation;

5.3.4. – trailer vehicle or any aid;

5.3.5. – transport of passengers or goods in violation of the constant features of the vehicle in the Single Document thereof;

5.3.6. – Any use contrary to the law.

5.4. – The TENANT will not, nor will allow additional drivers VEHICLE the lead in the case of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that reduces the perception or reaction capacity.

5.5. – The TENANT can not sublet, lend or transfer it in whole or in part, in any form or business, the rights arising from the vehicle rental contract without identification of the driver, without prior permission from the LESSOR.

5.6. – The TENANT agrees to close and properly lock the CAR and not let inside the documents concerning the same or other objects likely to cause the theft or damage to the VEHICLE.

5.7. – The loss or destruction in whole or in part, of the CAR documentation or the keys thereof are the TENANT obliged to indemnify LESSOR for losses inherent in particular the expenses arising from the issuance of duplicates, including administrative expenditure by the LESSOR .

5.8. – In the event of loss and / or damage related to objects stored or transported by the TENANT and other VEHICLE occupants, either during or after the end of the rental period are the responsibility of the TENANT.



6.1. – If the TENANT wishes to extend the rental period VEHICLE beyond the date fixed for the term of the lease, should address the LESSOR facilities with at least 24 hours on the terminus of that period.

6.2. – The extension of the CAR the rental period is subject to approval of the LESSOR and in the case of approval, a new rental contract will be concluded.

6.3. – If the LESSOR does not accept the extension of the rental period, the LESSEE undertakes to deliver the CAR on the date originally agreed.



7.1. – The TENANT agrees to:

7.1.1. – Respect the VEHICLE indicators bulletin boards;

7.1.2. – check engine oil levels and water cooling system, per 500 km traveled and reset the leveling if deemed necessary;

7.1.3. – Check the air pressure in the respective tire and wheel alignment;

7.1.4. – Report to the LESSOR any need for mechanical or electrical intervention unspecified.

7.2. – In the event of any of the situations mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the lessee must immobilize the vehicle immediately and contact LOCADORA who will indicate the proper procedure to follow.

7.3. – The costs of repairs that the TENANT has to proceed will be made by the LESSOR, provided they have complied with the terms described in the preceding paragraphs and are presented by the TENANT the evidence of expenditure incurred.

7.4. – Excluded from the scope of this paragraph, the damage affecting the tires, including blasting holes or tires, which costs are fully charged to the renter.



8.1. – The TENANT, in case of accident, you should immediately contact the LESSOR to let you know the place and circumstances of the accident, and simultaneously call the authorities to efetuem the respective occurrence of registration, with the TENANT remain at the crash site.

8.2. – If the conditions set out for the friendly statement filler accident, the TENANT is responsible for filling the same with all the necessary elements, proceeding to the subsequent delivery of the same to the LESSOR for this proceed with the reference to the Insurance Company the represents.

8.3. – If the lessee check for any electrical or mechanical fault in the vehicle should immobilize the vehicle immediately and contact the lessor who will indicate that the proper procedure to follow.

8.4. – If you can solve the problem on site, the TENANT, after prior authorization, provided in writing by the LESSOR, you may notice the CAR, in an official service of the brand and according to the instructions given by LESSOR.

8.5. – If the vehicle is immobilized and unable to move, as a result of any of the situations referred to in the preceding paragraphs, the LESSOR will send a trailer to transport the CAR to your premises or to another location for this indicated.

8.6. – If the situation referred to in the previous paragraph is:

8.6.1. – VEHICLE is at a distance less than 50 km of its facilities, the LESSOR will send another vehicle to make its replacement;

8.6.2. – VEHICLE is at a distance of more than 50 km of its facilities, the TENANT and the CAR will be transported to the premises of the LESSOR, where you will be given another vehicle.

8.7. – Replacement of the vehicle, as described in the preceding paragraphs, is only ensured by the availability of cars for replacement.

8.8. – In case of unavailability of replacement vehicle, the LESSOR shall return the values of the rental for the period not enjoyed by the TENANT.

8.9. – The costs of repairs that the TENANT has to proceed will be assumed by the LESSOR, provided they have complied with the terms described in the preceding paragraphs and are presented by the TENANT the evidence of expenditure incurred.

8.10. – Any expense that the LESSOR has to bear with the trailer VEHICLE, inside or outside the country due to misuse of the VEHICLE by TENANT will always be the sole responsibility of this.



9.1. – VEHICLE must be returned by TENANT with the fuel level equal to that which had at the time of delivery, as identified in the Schedule.

9.2. – If the vehicle is returned to the lower level of fuel one who had the time of delivery will be charged to the TENANT the amount of missing fuel, plus a fee of € 25.00 on the refueling service.



10.1. – VEHICLE have compulsory insurance of civil liability under the law, which only covers the renter and / or additional drivers and own damage.

10.2. – The TENANT can choose to hire one of the following coverage options that include damage caused by accident, theft of the VEHICLE:

10.2.1. – Option BASIC: deductible of € 1,999.00 (minimum threshold of damage) – included in the rental price of the CAR.

10.2.2. – Option EXTENDED: 899.00 € franchise and includes cover glasses isolated by cleavage with inclusion of an additional conductor – increase in the daily rate according to the VEHICLE table CORK.

10.2.3. – Option PREMIUM: deductible of € 399.00 and includes coverage isolated breaking glass with inclusion of up to five additional drivers with extended coverage and comprehensive occupants to circulation outside of Portugal – increase in the daily rate depending on the VEHICLE table CORK.

10.3. – The LESSEE undertakes, in the event of an accident, then the following procedures:

10.3.1. – Participate to the LESSOR and agents from all authority and any accident, theft or any other claims, within 24 hours of occurrence thereof;

10.3.2. – Get the names and addresses of witnesses and involved people;

10.3.3. – Do not leave the vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect and safeguard thereof;

10.3.4. – Do not take any responsibility or plead guilty in the case of accidents, which can result in liability of the LESSOR;

10.3.5. – Call immediately the LESSOR providing you a detailed report of the accident including auto accident raised by police officers.

10.4. – In case of accident or theft, the renter is always responsible for a mandatory and no longer be suppressed franchise, referring to property damage, to the amount fixed in the home insurance option.

10.5. – will be the sole responsibility of all TENANT and any expenditure seeking compensation for damage to tires, mirrors at the bottom and top of the vehicle body (above the windshield), provided that these are not due to road accident .

10.6. – If the TENANT has not subscribed to the options or PLUS ULTRA, any damage to the isolated broken windows are your responsibility.

10.7. – will be the sole responsibility of the TENANT all property damage resulting from the movement on roads not tarred.

10.8. – In case of theft of the CAR, the TENANT shall attend immediately the occurrence to the competent authority communicating and sending a copy of the participation to the LESSOR, along with VEHICLE keys, within 24 hours, under penalty of the hedging expire, getting all costs charged to the TENANT.

10.9. – Whatever the subscribed coverage option, all damages arising from the misuse of the CAR, will be the sole responsibility of the TENANT.

10.10. – In case of accident to be due to speeding, negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs or consumption of any other that reduces driving ability, will be the TENANT responsible for all the costs of repair and corresponding compensation downtime to the crashed vehicle, regardless of the subscribed insurance option.

10:11. – VEHICLE will only be covered by insurance during the agreed period and steady the Special Conditions prior to, subject to the contract extension that may arise under the present general conditions.

10:12. – The liability for accidents caused or likely to be caused by the TENANT beyond the agreed time, are the sole responsibility of the TENANT.



11.1. – The payment of the deposit may only be made by a store of value in credit card (Visa or MasterCard) valid.

11.2. – Upon delivery of the VEHICLE will be required to TENANT a deposit equal to the amount of the insurance deductible, according to the option chosen (value will be captive in the TENANT’s credit card as security, and as a guarantee of payment of the deductible insurance in case of theft or accident and any damage or loss made in the CAR during the rental period).

11.3. – If the value of the collateral is not authorized by the bank or the entity owning the credit card, the contract can not be executed and the CAR will not be delivered, in which case there will not be entitled to a refund of amounts paid in reserve by the TENANT.

11.4. – The deposit will be returned to the TENANT at the end of the rental period, after verification by the VEHICLE LESSOR, if it is in the same state it was delivered at the start of the rental.

11.5. – If they are detected damage to the CAR, it will be determined by the amount that the LESSOR LESSEE must pay, and this value is deducted from the security lodged.

11.6. – If the situation referred to in the previous paragraph, the TENANT will be responsible for all the costs of repair and compensation corresponding to the VEHICLE downtime.

11.7. – If the LESSOR check for damage resulting from misuse of the CAR and that they are worth more than the value of the security lodged, the TENANT will be responsible for payment for the difference between the value of and the guarantee deposit.

11.8. – If you can not determine immediately the value of the damage, the TENANT has 10 days from the date on which it it is communicated by the LESSOR to settle the value of assessed damage or request a refund of the difference between the guarantee deposit and the amount of damages.



12.1. – The LESSEE undertakes expressly to pay the sums due, contained in the General Conditions and the Special Conditions background, to the LESSOR as soon as may be requested, namely:

12.1.1. – The price due for the rental of the CAR, depending on the rental period and subscribed insurance option;

12.1.2. – Any and all charges relating to personal accident insurance, glass breakage, additional accessories, and any other charges applicable in accordance with the rate or constant rates of the particular conditions of this contract;

12.1.3. – All taxes and charges on the rental price of the CAR or the amount fixed by LESSOR to repayment of such taxes;

12.1.4. – All costs incurred by emerging LESSOR extra charge or judicial review of the amounts due by the LESSEE, as a result of this contract.

12.2. – Any invoice issued by the LESSOR and not paid on the due date will be added default interest at the maximum rate permitted by law and subject to an increase of 20% as a penalty clause and compensation for damages.

12.3. – In case of accident, the LESSEE will pay to cover administrative costs of the respective process value of € 35.00.

12.4. – The TENANT already now provides its consent and permission to LESSOR for this complete and outputting, in said credit card, the amounts due.

12.5. – Without prejudice to the previous point, the LESSOR may require the LESSEE present one or more sureties.

12.6. – If required by LESSOR to LESSEE the constitution of Trustees, they will be properly identified with all personal identifiers, in particular antecedent conditions, which are obliged to main payers, guarantee and jointly liable for all obligations arising from driverless vehicle rental contract.

12.7. – The Trustees established under the above paragraph from now renounce the benefit of the prior prosecution under Article 638 of the Civil Code.



13.1. – Adherence to VIA VERDE service will have an additional daily charge, payable by the TENANT, ranging from the value of € 3.50 and € 25,00.

13.2. – If the TENANT subscribe to VIA VERDE service, LESSOR offers you a property identifier that, installed on the windscreen of the VEHICLE.

13.3. – The VIA service GREEN allows, through its identifier, determine the value of each toll rate, with a view to their collection by LESSOR to LESSEE, which is solely responsible for the full payment of the amount of those fees during the period of rental.

13.4. – For the purpose of payment, the RENTER must provide a valid credit card, ensuring the corresponding bank account balance sufficient to cover the amounts owed.

13.5. – Amounts charged under the above points may occur after the end of the rental period, provided that the use of road infrastructure there has been over the lifecycle.

13.6. – The TENANT is responsible for the identifier conservation and must keep it in perfect condition and can not in any case take the place of the equipment where it is installed and must notify the LESSOR any anomaly or go to a service center via Verde to the same resolution.

13.7. – The non-subscription of this service implies the responsibility of the TENANT, in general terms defined by Law No. 25/2006 of 30 June, in its current drafting, approving the penalties applicable to offenses that occurred in the area of road infrastructure where is due to the payment of tolls.



14.1. – The TENANT agrees to pay to the LESSOR all the values that this will bear with fines and / or fines due in respect of violations of traffic rules, parking and tolls, and all the consequences and responsibilities it are arising.

14.2. – the amounts referred to in the previous paragraph, plus the value of € 25.00 (twenty five euros) to cover administrative expenses.

14.3. – If the LANDLORD be notified by any public or private entity, to uniquely identify the TENANT under an offense proceedings, it is obliged to pay to cover administrative expenses an amount of € 25.00 (twenty five euros).



The LESSEE expressly declares that the content of these General Conditions and the Special Conditions background you were timely and expressly communicated and explained and that it was aware of them.



16.1. – In the case of derivatives or related disputes with the vehicle rental contract without drivers, including the Schedule Background and the General Conditions, it is agreed as jurisdiction the court of Lisbon.

16.2. – The parties agree that the addresses and the contacts listed in the Schedule records are valid for reference purposes and / or judicial and notification.

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